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About me

My name is Kiara and I am a doll. Why is that probably your asking yourselves, its because I'm cute and always happy.

What you will notice about me its that I listen a lot before I start talking, why I do it Because I'm shyyyyy, but give me 5 mins and ill make you crazy. You will be taken to places that you never thought about it.

I am a convinced romantic but if you keep pushing me ill become a pornstar, and I'm not joking that will actually happen, cause when I'm taken not that state of mind I forget about limits and I open up myself so my inner self comes out and will please every bit of you.

I cant believe I just said that but its true, and will stay like this as long as you come willing to make me go crazy after you babes

Contact me

07015 236605
Please let me know you saw my ad on Yes Escorts.